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Benito García (English)

Benito Garcia

Dancer, choreographer and flamenco teacher, Benito was born in Córdoba, Spain, in 1977. He completed his primary studies in this city and began dancing flamenco at the early age of 7. Here he began to live his great passion, FLAMENCO, so he decided to access the Luis del Río Dance Conservatory.

In 1993, at just 16 years old, he was chosen in a casting to be part of the YoKo Komatsubara Ballet Flamenco company's show, which was presented in Madrid and Barcelona. After the premiere and great success, as well as his outstanding performance in the company, he was proposed to move to Japan as an official dancer of said company with which he would travel to New York and Singapore, among other cities.

Between comings and goings, he also participated in María Pajes' company.

Until 2007, when he decided to establish himself on his own and founded his own studio in Akabane, Tokyo.

His first show premiered in 2011 "AKASHI" with great success that is repeated in his second work "HYO" premiered in 2013 where the reception of the Japanese public and its critics raise him to the top of flamenco in Japan, although without a doubt his masterpiece is premiered in October of 2013, SHIRUBE, where he hangs the FULL sign on the two days of its staging.

As a culmination to his career, in July 2017 he presents his Masterpiece in his hometown, in an incomparable environment next to the Roman Bridge, at the foot of the Calahorra and as a background, the Mosque-Cathedral, accompanied by 12 Japanese dancers, in the direction and musical composition Riki Rivera (winner of a Goya for the soundtrack of the film El Niño) singing Anabel Rivera and Matías López, percussion Kainuma Masatoshi, lute Imai Ryuichi "Dragon", on the violin Hiramatsu KANA and the special collaboration of Jose Luis Moraño (Doctorate in violin), achieving that the audience filled every corner of the environment to put it standing at the end of the show open-mouthed and excited.

It should be noted that in addition to his role on stage, he performs another great work that he is passionate about, teaching, teaching classes at his Akabane studio, located in Tokyo, with more than 200 students under his charge, having been teaching classes at the NHK Cultural Center, at the Cervantes Institute, as well as in other cities to which he travels to spread his great passion.

Between shows and teachings and thanks to his open and positive vision, he participates in any event or show offered to him, being featured on Japanese magazines, and even being presented on several Spanish and Japanese television programs, performing with great Shamisen artists (typical Japanese guitar) and classical dance interacting with a style totally different from his own.

Record two commercial spots, one for a very well-known cosmetics brand in Japan "POLA", and in the promotional video for the SPANISH LEAGUE for the Japanese market.

In 2017, he was invited by Their Majesties the Kings of Spain to a reception held for Spaniards residing in Japan.

In his quest to expand his culture and passion throughout the world, Benito García opens his doors and offers his art for the enjoyment of FLAMENCO lovers, no matter where they come from or where they are.

Because FLAMENCO knows no borders.


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