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Our Online Classes via YouTube


Welcome to the BGFLAMENCO YouTube channel!

We are delighted to offer our members a unique and exclusive online flamenco learning experience. Our membership program is designed to meet the needs of every student, regardless of their skill level or experience.

Live classes are a fundamental part of our program as they provide the opportunity to interact directly with our highly trained flamenco teachers. After the live class, recordings of these classes can be viewed on the BGFLAMENCO channel playlists, allowing members to access the class anytime, anywhere.

In addition to live classes, our channel offers over 500 videos covering a wide variety of flamenco-related topics. Our videos range from beginner classes to advanced classes in different flamenco styles. We also offer classes focused on specific techniques, such as "pataitas por Bulerías," as well as Flamenco Sevillanas dance classes.

Our membership is divided into levels, allowing members to choose the level that best suits their needs and abilities. Members can pay according to what they want to watch and can cancel their membership at any time. Additionally, we are continuously adding new and exciting content to our channel, so members will always have access to new classes and study materials.

Don't miss the opportunity to join our online community of members and experience flamenco in a completely new and exciting way!



*For more information, please expand the menu.

【 Mini-Ja (Japonés/日本語)】

Immerse yourself in over 20 videos of technical classes

Enjoy enriching technical classes with master Benito García for one hour. You will learn the proper techniques to use your body and strike your feet with precision when dancing flamenco.

Video tips from master Benito García

Access videos where master Benito García explains the fundamental points of flamenco dancing in a clear and concise manner. Discover his valuable tips to perfect your technique.

- 10-minute technical classes in Spanish

Dive into 10-minute technical classes in Spanish. We have 10 videos available for you, and there will be upcoming updates so you can continue learning and progressing on your flamenco journey!

- Live basic-level technical classes and archives

Don't miss the live technical classes held twice a month. And if you can't attend live, no problem! You can also access the archives to watch the classes at your convenience.

*To find out the schedule for the Technique classes, please consult the agenda here.

【 Mini-Es (Español)】

【 Lite-Ja (Japonés)】

【 Clase de Benito García 】

【 Eventos 】

完成した振付/Bailes Completos


The dance levels available in each category are:

【Mini-Ja (Japanese/日本語)】 Basic-beginner level in technique classes. Various levels in other videos.

【Mini-Es (Spanish)】 Intermediate-advanced level.

【Lite-Ja (Japanese)】 Beginner to intermediate level.

【Clase de Benito García】 Basic to advanced level.

【完成した振付/Bailes Completos】All levels.

The classes are divided into three parts over approximately one and a half years.

【Part 1】Mastery of cante, rhythm, and clapping technique

During the first three months, we will learn about the history of different cante lyrics and rhythm. We will delve into understanding the cante lyrics, train our ears by listening to various lyrics and their rhythm. Then, we will learn the technique of clapping. This will enable us to acquire expressive skills in dance.

【Part 2】Body usage, arm movements, foot technique, and choreography learning

During this period, we will focus on improving body movements, learning how to use our body and move our arms correctly according to the flamenco style we are learning. We will also practice precise footwork in sync with the rhythm. We will learn to feel the rhythm of the music, move our body elegantly, and master foot techniques. This will further familiarize us with the rhythm and enable us to perform expressive and elegant dance.

The duration of the class will be one hour, where the last 30 minutes will be dedicated to learning the choreography.

【Part 3】Preparation for performing in the theater

The last three months will be dedicated to rehearsals for the end-of-course performance. We will learn how to move properly on a large stage when dancing in a group and create choreographies adapted for the stage. We will also learn techniques to project our presence on stage and emotionally connect with the audience.

During this period, we will also have the opportunity to experience the process of creating a quality show, such as music coordination with the artists and meetings with the stage director. This will allow us to experience a high-quality performance.


To check the schedule for the classes, please refer to the "Class Calendar"↓.

For any inquiries or questions you may have, please feel free to contact us. We are here to assist you.



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